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It’s important to us that we’re transparent about our information policies and practices, from how we use your information to the science behind it all.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a cost to participate in the NL Genome Project?

  • If my doctor isn’t listed, or If I don’t have a doctor, can I take part?

  • Can I join the NL Genome Project online?

  • What happens if I join the NL Genome Project, but change my mind and want to leave?

  • How many participants is the NL Genome Project accepting?

  • I wasn’t born in Newfoundland and Labrador. Can I participate?

  • Will my quality of care be impacted if I don’t participate in the NL Genome Project?

  • Do I get paid for this study?

  • Do doctors get paid for participating in the study?

  • Why do you need to access my medical records?

  • Why do you need my saliva sample?

  • What is my genome?

  • Where will my saliva sample go?

  • Will joining the study affect my insurance?

  • Will you sell my data?

  • How does Sequence Bio make money?

  • If I participate, will I get a share of any future profits?

  • How do I make a difference?

  • How could my saliva help find better medicines and treatments?

  • Will researchers see my personal information?

  • How will you keep my information safe?

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to contact us about anything we might have missed.

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St. John’s based biotechnology company Sequence Bio is leading the NL Genome Project.

Sequence Bio’s Senior Director of Data Science and Analytics, Bari Ballew, PhD, is the Principal Investigator of the study. Sequence Bio’s Director of Research, Gerald Mugford, PhD, and Dr. Dennis O’Keefe are the Co-Principal Investigators.

Questions about your rights as a participant in a research study?

Contact the HREA Ethics Office. They are not involved with running the study.

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